Bajra Atta (500gms)

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Bajra Atta (500gms)



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    Corn flour or maize flour is also known as Makai flour in India and is made from dried corn. Corn flour comes in yellow and white and is used in combination with other flours in baking goods. Corn flour is milled from the whole kernel and is used as filler, binder and thicker in cookies, pastries and meat industries. It is uniquely rich in dietary fibers and vital for good heart.

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    Rice Basmati Tarawadi (1kg)

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    Tarawadi Basmati White Rice combines the qualities of basmati with that of traditional long grain rice. Similar to basmati, Tarawadi has a delightful aroma and a delicious nutty flavor. Like traditional long grain rice, our organic Basmati Tarawadi cooked grains swell in both length and width and are dry, separate and fluffy. Its delicious flavor, delightful aroma, unique texture and easy cooking characteristics set Tarawadi White Rice apart from all other aromatics


    Sattu Atta (500gms)

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    Made from choicest gram crop by dry roasting and grinding into a powdered form, sattu provides much-needed energy for day-long work without being heavy on the stomach.

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    Maize Dalia (500gms)

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    Our organic Maize Dalia is of the finest quality. It is gluten free and can be used for making many delicacies. It provides relief from heat in summer and in winter it increases the capacity to withstand the cold weather conditions as it provides more energy for the calories consumed.

    WEIGHT: 500G