• Coconut Oil (200ml)

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    Organic Coconut oil is made from fresh coconut, grown on an organically certified plantain. This ensures the supply of high quality coconut oil that is ultra smooth and creamy (not waxy) with distinct pleasant fragrance.

    WEIGHT: 200 ml

  • Deshi Cow Ghee (500ml / 1ltr)

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    We have researched for years and found the perfect balance between the traditional Indian method and incorporation of modern day machineries. In our organic farms milk is collected from the cows in the most sterilized method and then it is sent for being processed further. Here the collected milk is first pasteurized in the most optimum temperatures and then sent through the curd making process. After this particular stage is over the next steps are that of centrifuge and heating that ultimately gives us our very own Desi Cow Ghee. Traditionally it is said that pure cow ghee has many medical properties and makes for a very healthy option as a cooking medium. “The Green Earth’s” pure and unadulterated Desi Cow Ghee boasts of not only being the healthy option for a cooking medium but also is very tasty and nutritious as well.

    WEIGHT: 500 Ml / 1 Ltr

  • Groundnut Oil (1Ltr)

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    Ground Nut Oil has light nutty aroma, contains natural antioxidants, rich in energy with medicinal properties and also serves as beauty aid.


  • Mustard Oil (1ltr)

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    Mustard oil is extracted at a low pressure and at low temperature. It is one of the best cooking oil particularly for heart patients because it has an omega-3(MUFA) and 6 fatty acid composition in good proposition.

    WEIGHT: 1ltr

  • Sunflower Oil (1ltr)

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    Organic Sunflower oil with its high oleic acid content has a very neutral taste and smell. It is much more stable than normal sunflower oil.

    WEIGHT: 1 ltr